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The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition in 2020 has come to a successful conclusion.

With the development of technology, lighting is no longer limited to illuminating space, but innovative applications continue to emerge. People-oriented lighting technology can affect the emotional atmosphere in construction, business and office space, and can also improve the health of patients in hospitals. In addition, as economic and environmental factors promote the development of interconnected cities, from street light to general smart home platform, smart lighting will become an indispensable part of future cities.

On October 13, 2020, the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition concluded successfully. The exhibition lasted for 4 days. With the international stage, lighting industry chain products and diversified display means, SNC provided more face-to-face contact opportunities for domestic and foreign users, purchasers and dealers, encouraged in-depth discussion and brought more opportunities.

This time, SNC introduced new products such as LED highbay /explosion-proof light/grow light/corn lamps, etc., each series of products by the majority of customers praise.

In the exhibition, sharing the same faith in the industry and turn adversity into power in the current challenge, SNC added more value to “light”. We are grateful to all the new and old customers who come to our booth to exchange and consult with us and bring more business opportunities.


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