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The group now has Shenzhen Baoan, Guangming and other production bases, with a total of more than 74,330 square meters; at the same time, it has Shenzhen Longhua/Baoan and other overseas sales teams;

The company has several excellent professional R&D personnel and advanced R&D equipment; the production has introduced a number of advanced fully automated SMT and a number of automation equipment.

Our production


Product design

Our designers can create high-quality molded structures thanks to their extensive experience and cutting-edge technology.


Die casting

To ensure product consistency, we have many luminaires and components precision cast, including lamp bodies, heat sinks, surface rings, and glare rings.


Processing technology

Finishes with a high level of refinement add an extra level of craftsmanship.We strive for the perfect surface whether it is powder coating, painting, electrophoresis, oxidation, or electroplating.


Installation of parts

Through the automatic placement machine, the high-end LED was integrated with the self-developed aluminum plate.LED lighting's superb core component has been completed.


Performance test

The use of multiple testing links has significantly reduced performance and stability issues. ensured the product's quality.


Product assembly

An SNC-completed lamp is created by skillfully assembling meticulously crafted pieces such as the light source, motor, lens, reflector, and glasses.

Sophisticated Manufacturing Workshop
Drive Manufacturing Workshop
Wave soldering, reflow soldering, patching, laser marking, cutting machine, and other tools are all available.
Fully automatic patch workshop
Runs imported automatic surface mount technology equipment.
Product assembly workshop
More than 20 advanced fully automated SMT and a variety of automated equipment.
Product Showroom

Independent product showroom displaying high-quality samples of outdoor lighting, industrial lighting, plant lighting, and other products.


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